CHROME AND CARBON is a one of the leading company in auto accessories. Our company was started in 1995 as MOTION 29 . Later the company expanded to carbon production field, from then on were named as chrome and carbon.

CHROME AND CARBON was able to reserve a significant quality of customer and supplier at the same front that could be touched locally as much as global wise..Chrome and carbon plays a major role inthe development of custom fabrication of carbon body parts, custom body kits, custom paints , custom air brushing, wheels & tires etc.


                                     We produce only 100% genuine and quality carbon. From our experience we are also able ensure that we only deliver quality carbon to our our customers.Most our customers like carbon products because of it's dual appearance.The speciality of carbon is that, when looked from distance it appears to be black while from closer it appears to carbon shade.


Our mission is to combine aggressive statergic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best insurance value for customers.Customer satisfaction is Our main goal in our business.



★ To be the top in the field.

★ To lead by example.

★ Working as a team.

★ Work Class of serviece.

★ Time to Time Quality Check.

★ Act with honesty and integrity.

★ To provide quality products.

★ To satisfy the consumers.

★ Respect all individuals, partners and client.



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